SunPower Photovoltaic modules

Made in USA

  • monocrystalline solar cells with an efficiency greater than 20%
  • Power tolerance between 0% and 5%: the nominal power is always reached and exceeded
  • 8% more power in the 1st year, 20% more energy in the first 25 years
  • 25-year product warranty

Inverter Leonardo System

Made in Italy

  • Photovoltaic energy saving system
  • Ac input for net or generator by-pass
  • Pure sine wave DC / AC inverter
  • Automatic management of the battery pack
  • Can be combined with Gel or Lithium batteries

Tesla Energy Powerwall

Made in USA

  • Depth of discharge 100%
  • 5 kW of charging / discharging power
  • 10 year guarantee

Inverter Solar Edge

Made in Isrel

  • Inverter with HD Wave technology
  • Optimizer for any photovoltaic panel

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