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Superbonus EnelX 110%

The offer consists of 6 packages for the energy efficiency of customers' homes. The packages contain products that must always be included, and that can be installed in three different sizes (small, medium, large) depending on the size of the house and the characteristics of the roof. The pilot phase does not include building renovations and fixtures

Hybrid Air/Water Heat Pump



Solar thermal

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Commercial offer

"Enel X Vivimeglio Unifamiliare" offer aims to improve the energy efficiency of single-family houses completely free of charge, and consists of:


Basic element of every offer


Products added to packages by customer choice or technical need

NPN Energy has the mission of creating customized energy solutions that can meet the needs of families and businesses starting from a renewable source, minimizing the environmental impact and using the best technologies available on the market. NPN Energy is a story that begins with the idea of ​​three young engineers, determined to innovate the Italian energy system and support the green culture.


Ideal solution for houses with cast iron or aluminum radiator heating, characterized by:

  • Hybrid Air/Water Heat Pump
  • Homix
  • Photovoltaic
  • Solar thermal (only for large size)


Ideal solution for houses with underfloor heating or convectors, characterized by:

  • Full-Electric Air/Water Heat Pump
  • Homix
  • Photovoltaic
  • Solar thermal (only for large size)

Optionals are products that can be added to the packages in the case of customer preference and / or in the case of technical necessity, until the total deduction limit indicated by the legislation is exhausted, and are:

  • Booster unit
  • Replacement Radiators
  • Wallbox (charging column)
  • Decentralized machine installation

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